Contacts for Call to Action:

The Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and Leader of the
Liberal Party of Canada –

Rhéal Fortin, Acting Leader of the Bloc Québécois –

Rona Ambrose, Acting Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada –

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada –

Thomas Mulcair, Acting Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada –


January 26th 2017

Ontario Today Women's March
Ontario Today – Women’s March: What’s next?

January 24th 2017

Durham Now – Follow Up with Marissa and the Women’s March in Washington after Donald Trump’s Inauguration

January 20th 2017


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Rogers TV – Durham Woman’s Inside Look at Donald Trump on Inauguration Day


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CTV News Montreal – Montreals head to D.C to march against Trump

CTV News Altantic – Women’s March on Washington

CTV News Edmonton – Sister Marches around the world

January 19th 2017

Metro News Toronto – Thursday January 19th 2017 Page 7

Revelstoke Mountaineer Article

Revelstoke Mountaineer – Revelstoke organizers plan local rally Saturday in support of Women’s March on Washington

Halifax metro – Large crowd expected for Halifax contingent of Women’s March on Washington

January 18th 2017

CBC News Calgary Article

CBC News Calgary – Why Calgarians plan a local Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump is sworn in

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Edmonton Examiner – Edmonton rally aims to show support for the Women’s March on Washington

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Lethbridge Herald – Local march to support women’s rights


Carleton Journalism by Victoria Christie – Profile piece on Women’s March


January 17th 2017

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Global News – Edmonton women preparing to protest in Washington

Fulcrum Article

Fulcrum – Ottawa women to rally together in post-inauguration march


January 16th 2017

Montreal Gazette Article

Montreal Gazette – Montrealers plan ‘sister demo’ to support Women’s March on Washington

Ottawa Community News Article

Ottawa Community News – Human rights supporters to march in solidarity with Washington activists


January 15th 2017

Vancouver Sun Article

Vancouver Sun – Vancouver, Victoria events planned to coincide with Women’s March on Washington

Ottawa Sun Article

Ottawa Sun – Ottawa residents headed to Washington for ‘historic’ march

640 Toronto Article

640 Toronto – London Women Getting Ready To March On Washington

St.John The Telegram Article

St.John’s The Telegram – St. John’s rally will support Women’s March on Washington

January 14th 2017

Le Journal De Montreal Article

Le Journal De Montreal – Choquées par Trump, des Québécoises se mobilisent


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The Georgia Straight – Here’s how you can support the Women’s March on Washington in Vancouver and from afar


January 13th 2017

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Guelph Mercy – Women from Guelph prepare to March on Washington


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Kelowna News – Women’s March on Washington in the valley



OPSEU SEFPO – More than just a protest: the Women’s March on Washington


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Digital Hive Vancouver – Women’s March on Washington comes to Vancouver next weekend


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The Independent – St. John’s rally to protest Trump, right-wing populism


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Digital Hive Montreal – Canadian Women’s March to take place in Montreal next week


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Edmonton Journal – Opinion: Women’s March on Washington hits home


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The Overcast – St. John’s Rally Part of Global Women’s March Movement

January 12th 2017


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Toronto Metro – Metro’s survival guide for the Women’s March on Washington

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Now Toronto – Why you should go to the Toronto Women’s March on Washington


The News Picou Country Article

The News Pictou County – Pictou County participant in N.S. rally against Trump seeking knitters

News 95.7 - The Rick Howe Show January 12th

News 95.7 – The Rick Howe show – Starts at 18:55

January 11th 2017

Amnesty English Article

Amnesty Canada English Blog – Women’s rights are human rights – join the #womensmarch on January 21


Amnistie French Article

Amnesty French Blog – #womensmarch : marche pour les droits des femmes


Washingtonian Article

Washingtonian – Canadians Head to Women’s March on Washington to Protest Trump

January 10th 2017

CBC News Ottawa Morning Million

CBC Radio – Ottawa Morning – Million Women March


Halifax Metro Article

Halifax Metro – ‘Stand together:’ Halifax rally to show solidarity with Women’s March on Washington

Vancouver Metro Article

Vancouver Metro – Vancouver women prepare to march against Trump

January 9th 2017

Edmonton Women’s Solidarity March Image

Dinner Television – Edmonton Women’s Solidarity March

Edmonton Metro Article

Edmonton Metro – Edmonton to see Trump-inspired women’s march

January 5th 2017

Huffington Post Article

Huffington Post – How The Women’s March On Washington Has Gone Global

Ottawa Metro News Article

Ottawa Metro – Ottawa rally against intolerance planned for Trump inauguration

January 1st 2017

Huffington Post Canada Article

Huffington Post Canada – Trump Turned These Canadian Women Into Political Activists

December 31st 2016

iPolitics Article

iPolitics – ‘We are not going to be silent’: Canadian women join March on Washington

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Yahoo News – ‘We are not going to be silent’: Canadian women join march on Washington, D.C.

CTV News Article

CTV News – ‘We are not going to be silent’: Canadian women join march on Washington, D.C.

Toronto Star Article

Toronto Star – Canadian women to join Washington march on day after Trump’s inauguration

December 19th 2016

Metro News Article

Metro News – Toronto women plan trek to Washington for Women’s March after Trump’s inauguration